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RMIT provides Cad Conversion Services of Electrical, Fire Protection, Plumbing, Mechanical, Architectural, Civil and Structural Autocad Drawings by the professional engineers. We provide High quality, cost effective and reliable CAD Drafting Services for International Practices, Design and Engineering Consultants. Our technical team assists us to provide endless Cad services to serve the clients with quick turnaround. Our production facility is capable of high-configured workstations and secure server to enable client’s requirements.



·         RMIT engineers have a good understanding of national & International codes and project standards along with our quality control guidelines as per ISO 9001:2008.



·         RMIT has office in Metro City Kolkata at Shyambazar which helps us to serve our local clients. Also we are opening another branch in Sector-V, Kolkata to enable the services.








RMIT established in 2004 with little technical stuff and has been growing first by providing best services to the clients by a strong technical team.

RMIT CAD Services provide professional design and drafting solutions to the Construction, Manufacturing and Architectural Industries and being based in the Kolkata it facilities to our local customers as well as international customers.

Our technical expertise is working on the building services and manufacturing industries which are allowed us to meet the demands of the customers within the construction and design industry so far.

RMIT CAD Services enables you to safe against unexpected drawing costs at the end of the project while you outsource your drawing to us.

We become the integral part of many companies, successes over the past 8 years, delivering high quality drawings and web designed projects with time effective solutions in the world.

Our customers are mainly Contractors, Promoters, Architects and Designed in Building and Manufacturing Companies. We are working with some of the clients and we have delivered not the best CAD drawings with their standards.

We offer a combine package of drawing to enable the construction industries.

v    Auto Cad Conversion

·          Paper to CAD Conversion

·          Digitization

·          Raster image to CAD Conversion

·          Tiff to CAD Conversion

·          Hand Sketches to CAD Conversion

·          Scanned Documents to CAD conversion

v  CAD Printing/Plotting & Scanning Services

v  Auto Cad Training Program

v  Web Development

RMIT CAD Services are located in the heart of Kolkata which allows customers easy access for a dedicated Autocad drafting services, Autocad Drawing printing, Scanning & Website Developments. The details of how to contact us can be found below.

Our Address

22, RG Kar Road, 2nd floor, Shyambazar, Kolkata-700004


Conatct No.:1800-3000-0048

We are committed to providing you the great services and value.

·         We try to provide you the best cad service with ISO and International standards.

·         We give Quality Assurance on our delivered services with our quality control guidelines as per ISO 9001:2008.

·         We can deliver the project within your required timeline.

·         We provide client value to provide great service

·         Provide Plotting/printing of architectural and engineering CAD drawings (High Resolution black and white) in A4 to A0 paper sizes.

·         Scanning of architectural and engineering CAD drawings (Full colour inkjet line and shade accurate) in A4 to A0 paper sizes.

·         Our State of the art technology and cutting edge techniques always makes client happy in our Web Site Development Services.

·         We offer our services with reasonable prices.

·         We try to answer all your clarifications technically within a day.

·         We provide AutoCAD 2d drawing drafting skill training by Professional CAD expertise with Engineering Standards within 2 month training Program

RMIT helps our client success more quickly of their projects in construction, manufacturing industries and web site design and development.

Following are the main areas of activities.

ü    Auto Cad Conversion Services

·         Every drawing will be provided according to your requirements with the best quality

·         Provide Auto Cad conversion services for all types of drawings in construction and manufacturing industries.

·         Layering standards according to your requirements

·         We provide all size drawings in all formats

·         Offer Low rates for the Auto Cad conversion

·         All Texts are separated with the layers

·         Dimensions are shown by a separate layer

·         All services are represented by the separate layers

·         Quick turnaround with quality assurance by our quality control guideline ISO 9001:2008.

·         Offers Low rates of our services

ü    CAD Printing/Plotting & Scanning Services

·         Plotting/printing of architectural and engineering CAD drawings with High Resolution black and whites

·         Scanning of architectural and engineering CAD drawings with full colour inkjet line and shade accurate.

·         Offer A4 to A0 paper sizes for printing and scanning

·         With reasonable rates

ü    Auto Cad Training Program

·         AutoCAD 2d drawing drafting skill by Professional CAD expertise

·         Training with Engineering Standards

·         Working skill within 2 month training Program

·         Corse Fees Rs.3000/-

·         Provide Training Certificates

ü    Web Site Design & Development

·         We provide best and attractive website of your company by our strong technical team

·         With your timeline and reasonable rates